Down to Business: Copywriting

Copywriters: How to Steal For Fun and Profit
By John Forde
By Judi Ketteler 

7 Steps For Keeping Copywriting Clients Satisfied
By Bob Bly

The Most Powerful Question for Copywriting--or Innovation
By John Forde

Actualities: Details that Make Sales
By John Forde

Are You Earning the Respect of Your Readers?
By Eric Gruber

Where else will you find... "As my boat sank into the Zambezi"
By Troy White

Stop Insulting Your Targeted Audience When You Write & Submit Articles Online
By Eric Gruber

Can Long Copy Sell Soda?
By Troy White

6 Proven Secrets To Writing A Trash-Proof Press Release
By Bill Stoller, Publisher

How to Create a Standout Press Release
By Paul J. Krupin

Sales Letter Copy Secrets: How to Use Hidden Psychological Triggers & Sell More Products and Services Guaranteed
By Yanik Silver

The 10 Commandments of Press Releases
By Bill Stoller

Ben Franklin, Copywriter
By John Forde

Direct Mail Strategies: How To Get a 50% D.M. Response Rate With A Stroke Of The Pen
By Michael Kaselnak

Do Long or Short Headlines Work Better?
Psychotactics Ltd

What Copy Cosmetics Communicate
By Michel Fortin

What can Madonna and Martha Teach You About Writing Copy?
By Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

The Sense of Scent
By Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg

How Disconnectors Keep Your Readers Awake
By Sean D'Souza

Effective Ad Copy Is The Key To Successful Marketing
By Desmond Mantor

Five EASY Ways to Improve Your Business Writing
By Melinda Copp

How to Sell a Car in a Hurry
By Craig Garber

How to Write Killer Blog Posts and More Compelling Comments
By BL Ochman

Even Copywriters Should Pick Up the Phone to Get New Clients
By Chris Marlow

Copywriting: Is Your Tone Consistent With Your Image?
By Mordechai Schiller

Copywriting Secrets Of India's Mystics
By Dave Alston

Tips for Writing an Effective Audio Script
By Jennifer Tribe

Finding Experts, Sources And Contacts For Your Next Article or Book
By Pamela White

Telltale Signs of Hype
By Marcia Yudkin

Write and Speak for the Ear
By Robert F. Abbott

Persuasive Writing: The Carrot-and-Stick Strategy
By Tim North

Bad Copy: An Example in the Negative
By Jeffrey Eisenberg

Breakthrough Creative Copywriting
By Jeff Kuzmich

How to Use Press Releases to Have the Media Contact You and Get Free Publicity in Newspapers and Magazines, or Free Media Coverage on the Radio
By Shel Horowitz

"The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey"
By Joe Vitale

Low-Yield Ads Can Add Up to Healthy Profits
By Audri and Jim Lanford

The Copy Optimizer: Five Ways to Make Sure Your Sales Copy WORKS
By David Garfinkel

Defining and Reaching Your Target Market: Finding Your Key Benefit
By Rick Smith, the Guerrilla Computer Consultant

Top Ten Write Like a Pro Checklist
By Judy Cullins

The Two Most Powerful Words in Advertising (No, They're Not 'New' and 'Free')
By Gary Bencivenga

Walt Disney Knew How To Get The Word Out
By Stephen Schochet

Be Careful What You Learn From Donald Trump's New Show
By Keith Price

Are You Using All 7 of These Highly Effective Marketing Tactics?
By Bob Leduc

Call Readers By Title to Get in Their World
By Lisa Sparks

Are You Speaking to Your Prospects in a Foreign language?
By Joe Vitale

Copywriting 101: 10 Tips to Killer Copy
By Shel Horowitz

Copywriting: Answering Objections Ahead of Time
By Chris Ayers

The Most Powerful Word in the Language
By Major Tom

Credibility: The Secret That Will Skyrocket Your Response Rates By At Least 57%
By Jason Peery

How to Create Posters and Fliers That Cost Almost Nothing, Stop Your Prospects In Their Tracks and Draw Them to Your Message
By Shel Horowitz

How to Write and Place Radio Spots for Maximum Marketing Return at Lowest Cost
By Shel Horowitz

Add Personality to Your Sales Copy

My Eight-Step Formula for Writing Long Sales Copy
By Michael Fortin

Avoiding Sexist Language in Writing
By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

Working With A Freelance Editor
By Jennifer Tribe

Nip and Tuck: Three Quick Tips for Writing SEO Copy
By Karon Thackston

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