Market to the Right People With the Right Offer, Using Low-Cost, High-Return, Client-Centered Methods, and Watch Your Sales Soar

Great marketing includes not only great copy but an understanding of your audience and how to reach them. Internationally acclaimed copywriter and marketing consultant Shel Horowitz can help you, at surprisingly affordable rates.

Marketing/Publicity/Copywriting Services from Shel Horowitz of Accurate Writing & More

"I'm awed by your ability to turn our jumbled ramblings into crisp, clear copy--and so fast! You have so many good marketing ideas we couldn't keep up with them. We appreciate your low prices, too."

Gary Schaefer, co-owner,
Bart's Ice Cream, Northampton, MA

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Why Isn't Your Current Approach Bringing the Results You Want?
  • Are you spending too much on marketing and getting too little in return?
  • Do you use enough low-cost/no-cost approaches within the traditional media--and use them successfully?
  • Are you using the marketing potential of the Internet while controlling your costs--and are your Net offerings perceived as valuable, rather than a nuisance?

Strategic Planning: How to Find the People You Need to Talk to and Present the Offer They Need to Hear
  • Do you know who your customer is and how s/he finds you?
  • Why should people use you, instead of your competitors?
  • Where can you reach your best customers, and how can you do it as cheaply and well as possible?
  • Do you have the right business name, identity, and product line?

Materials Development: Fliers, Brochures, Press Releases, Correspondence, Ad Copy, and Other Good Stuff to Pull Your Prospects In
  • Do your marketing materials make back significantly more than their investment?
  • Can you track the results of every marketing material?
  • Does each and every one have a direct-response component?
  • Do your materials change readers into customers?
  • How many times have you been interviewed by the news media this year-- and were you able to make the most of each of these opportunities?

We'll help you find the best answers to these questions and bring you results--with focused planning, snappy, benefit -focused copy, and a surprisingly affordable cost. We offer:

  • Evaluation of your current strategy to determine how well it's working--and how it could work better!
  • Marketing that stresses what your clients are looking for, and why they'll find it with you.
  • Continuous focus on stretching your dollar while increasing your marketing effectiveness. We'll create a custom marketing strategy to locate and reach your best you how to boost your return with low-cost/no-cost methods...and also make sure any conventional marketing buy is a genuine value. You won't waste another dime on ineffective ads or unread direct mail!
  • Personal, sympathetic service. We work with you one-on-one, and you are in control over the process. We listen and discuss everything with you, so every piece we do represents not only our best thinking, but yours as well. When possible, we work in person, though we can also assist you through phone, fax, e- or postal mail.
  • Fast turnaround. Often, we can complete a flier or press release, or rough out a brochure concept or overall marketing plan, during your initial appointment. And of course, since you only pay for the time we work, this approach saves you money, too.
  • Internationally-recognized expertise at rural New England prices. Our director, Shel Horowitz, is the author of Marketing Without Megabucks: How To Sell Anything on a Shoestring (published by Fireside/Simon & Schuster and now available exclusively from us) and Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World (published by Chelsea Green). A former small business columnist, his articles on marketing and business appear in national magazines and trade association newsletters, in print and online. His seminars on marketing and business--to such groups as the American Marketing Association's chapter conference, Ragan Strategic Media Relations Conference, regional and national independent publisher associations from Boston to San Francisco, America Online's Business Strategies Forum, and Inc. Magazine Online--are always popular, and he's been interviewed extensively in print and on radio.

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