Creating a Website that Works

Quick tips to help you build a website that will keep visitors coming back.

What makes a website work?

In my opinion, the keys to a quality and enjoyable web site to repeatedly visit include:

A Marketing Format:

Who We Are
(What is the purpose of your page or why are you in business?)

What We Do
(Products or Services offered)

What Makes Us Unique
(How are you different from others? What is your (USP) Unique Selling Proposition?)

Why Use Our Products or Services
(Why would people want to do business with you?)

How You (the visitor) Benefit.
(For example: A feature is a car door lock. The benefit is the door cannot be opened when it is locked and therefore you cannot fall out)

Who We Work With
(Client lists establish credibility as do testimonials or comments from satisfied customers)

The Next Step
(What action is the visitor directed to take? For example: buy a product, request information on a service, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)

Quick load time is essential (30 seconds or less)

Minimal but purposeful graphics.

Easy to read pages (I prefer light backgrounds with dark typefaces and bright links)

Well thought out and organized content.

Well designed logo or banner.

New and useful information.

Other valuable links related to the web site subject.

An option to go back to home page on every page.

Contact information on each page.

No spelling errors.

No frames.

A feedback or request for information or guest book option.

Uncluttered pages.

Clear directions and functional links making it easy to navigate.

Now, all you have to do is generate traffic.

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