Test Your Marketing Strategies & Systems Or Fail...

If you're not currently testing your marketing strategies & systems, you're in serious trouble. You're essentially shooting blanks to try and fertilize the golden egg that is the revenue of your business. There are only two types of business people online, those who test, track, and succeed, and those who fail.

Which would you rather be?

Here are 5 different marketing components you should be testing right now to improve your conversion ratios, your bottom line, & your overall marketing strategy...

---> Your Sales Letter <---

Your sales letter is the most important component of your overall marketing strategy.

It's your vehicle to convince people to take action now and generate the sale. But most sales letters can be improved. In fact, I guarantee that the sales letter you're using right now can be improved.

Use a professional split-run testing application like the "Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant" to test two or more different sales letters against one another. It will show you exactly which one produced the best conversion ratio of visitors to sales.


Once you've discovered that, use your best performing sales letter as a control, and test it again to improve your conversion ratios further, again increasing the revenue you generate.

Try testing long sales letters VS short sales letters. Test hard sell sales letters against soft sell sales letters.

Even the slightest increase of just a percent or more could mean the difference between adding an additional several thousand dollars to your revenue earning potential this year, or missing out on it altogether.

---> Your Sales Letter Headline & Other Components <---

Once you've found the better performing sales letter overall, start testing different headlines to see which one works better.

Your sales letter headline is the most important component. It's what triggers your visitor's attention, drawing them into the rest of your copy.

Once you've found the better performing headline, work your way through it systematically testing the other important components of your sales letter.

Test different openings, different feature & benefit combinations, different closings & free bonus offers. Test different guarantees.

Working you way through you sales letter like this, measuring your conversion ratios as you go right through to the order process, is the ONLY way to ensure your sales letter is converting as many people as possible into actual customers.

---> Website Design <---

Once you've got your sales letter sorted out don't stop there.

Sure you'll already be closing more sales, but your overall marketing strategy can be improved further. Incorporate your sales letter into two completely different website designs, and prove which one produces the greatest conversion ratio.

Run with the best performing as your control and start testing other aspects of your design, such as the number of images used, the load time of your pages, the number of pages your sales letter is spread out on.

Will a one page sales letter or a multiple page sales letter work better for you?

You'll have to test that to find out.

What you need to realize is that everyone is marketing to different target audiences and markets, so the only way to know for sure what works best for YOU, is to scientifically test these key components of your overall marketing strategy.

---> Your Lead Capture Forms & Plugs <---

Once you've got your best performing sales letter and site design, you'll really be moving along at full steam ahead. Your golden egg will be growing larger by the day ;-)

But don't stop there.

Start testing different lead capture methods and ad copy plugs to improve your visitor to subscriber conversion ratios. The more leads you generate, the more people you can follow-up on, and the more visitors you'll be able to convert into paying customers.

---> Your Follow Up Marketing Campaigns <---

Once you've maximized your lead generation conversion ratios, try testing different follow-up marketing techniques to close more sales. The faster you can convert your leads into paying customers, the faster you'll be able to make your desired return on investment.

Working you're way through your marketing strategy and systems like this, testing what works and what doesn't, is the ONLY way to ensure your milking maximum profit out of your website and online business. What's more, by systematically testing your website marketing components and increasing your conversion ratios, you'll be reducing your lead & customer acquisition costs, making your advertising dollars go much further for an even better return.

Stop shooting blanks.

Start testing today and scientifically work your way to greater profits. It's the ONLY proven way to systemically work your way to better conversion ratios and greater profits.

Duncan Carver is the developer of the "Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant". A fully featured, professional, split-run testing application valued at $97, currently being given away at absolutely no cost. Download your copy today and start improving your bottom line tomorrow... http://www.marketing-strategy.org

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