9 Hot Tips To Make Your New Yearís Resolution Come True

By Andres Lara

Tips to help you achieve your goals.

1. Go Public: Those who say one thing and do another are labeled unreliable, hypocritical and even inconsistent. Tell everyone at home, work, gym, church, etc about your goal. The fear of being ill labeled or looked at as inconsistent by those who think highly of you will psychologically pressure you to follow through. Daily tell 3 different people about your goal.

2. Donít Wait: Never wait for the right time, the right motivation, or the right intuition. For they will only come AFTER you have taken the initial step. Whether you are motivated or not, take one action daily towards attaining the goal you wish to put off. Then motivation will follow.

3. Make Your Resolution "Quit-Proof": The more you invest into something, the harder itís to give up on it. Invest more time, more energy, and if necessary, more capital towards the realization of that which you are pursuing. The less you have to lose, the easier itís to quit. Invest daily towards the attainment of your goal.

4. Locate the Opportunities: Though you cannot see them, opportunities are all around you. Itís only when you are ready for them that they will be ready for you. Remember, when the musician is ready, the tune will appear. So get ready.

5. Get Ready: True readiness comes from acting on that which you are not ready for. As Aristotle once said, ďThe things you have to learn before you can do them, you learn by doing them.Ē Plunge into it, and then youíll be ready.

6. Develop Momentum: One small action can build the excitement and the urge to continue or even finish what before you didnít feel like doing. Thatís how momentum is created. Just take one small step even if you don't feel like it and momentum will eventually emerge.

7. Start Every Day With the Next Step: Every morning, ask yourself, ďWhat action would I take towards accomplishing my goal if success was guaranteed?Ē Then take that very action in spite of any reluctance.

8. Overcome Reluctance: Keep in mind that easy things when done with reluctance become difficult, and difficult things when done with cynicism become impossible. Move beyond reluctance with the right anticipation.

9. Anticipate Success: A battle is not won or lost in the battlefield, but rather the night before in the soldiersí minds where they anticipated victory or defeat. Each day approach, your goal with certainty, by anticipating victory.

These tips were shared by Andres Lara — http://www.thecubanguy.com. Who is he?

8 years ago, Age 16, he:
  • Escaped from Cuba
  • Spoke no English
  • Had no parents
  • Was Homeless
  • Today, Age 24, he is
  • Nationally Known Speaker
  • President of Inspiration Time Magazine.
  • Author of Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within
  • CEO of A. Success Training, Inc.
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