How to Build Long-Lasting Partner Relationships

** Get More Publicity With Your Book

You worked hard to become a best selling author. However, there are still billions of people in the world who haven't heard about you and your book. Be sure to tell them.

-- PRESS RELEASE Anytime something significant happens to you, your book or your business, submit a news release. In the past, this meant mail or fax, or maybe email. Today, a release can be posted through services like, where it is shared with reprinters, bloggers and the public through a vast network of news feeds.

-- LOCAL CELEBRITY Our society loves celebrity. Carry your book with you in public, making sure you autograph each copy you sell or give away. Make a point of meeting newspaper reporters, civic leader and bookstore managers. This will go far beyond any incremental book sales. You will see new opportunities plus have some fun.

-- INTERVIEWS Each day in the US, there are over 10,000 radio interviews. The media loves authors because they assume that an author is an expert on the book's topic. Start with online radio (podcasts) and blogs, where there are even more opportunities and less competition. Give the interviewer a list of questions to ask you, often they will use them word for word, so you are answering your own questions. Blog interviews are often the easiest, simply answer a few question via email, or submit a guest article/post to the blogger.

-- MEDIA KIT put a media center on your web site. Include photos, video, audio or you in action, links to stories about you, copies of your press releases and contact information to reach you quickly. Reporters today want to research you fast. When they see you are a pro and have been active, they will want to talk to you.

** Continue to Promote With Larger Partners

Nothing breeds success better than success.

Go back to the list you created of potential partners. The best seller, large 'players' and frequent promoters might have missed the chance to get in on your book launch, but the game isn't over.

When I want to work with someone, I follow these steps.

1. Find out what THEY are promoting. Offer to help.

2. Tell my blog readers about their blog, with a 'trackback link' (their blog post URL in my post)

3. Find their profile on,, and other social networking sites. Invite them as a friend or connection.

4. With each of the sites I visit, I look to how I can help them. I leave a relevant comment, fill in contact forms, find events they will be holding or affiliate programs to join and promote.

5. Rarely will I ask someone to join my own promotions until AFTER I have done a favor or two for them. My first personal correspondence usually comes from them as a 'Thank You' or inquiry.

6. When I do ask for partners, I frame it from their point of view. I ask "I'm sending a million emails out next month, can I bonus gift to you?"

When you start connecting and cross promoting using this book marketing strategy, you will start to be seen as a 'player' in the network of authors. Best selling authors are almost always involved with other authors, endorsing books, interviewing each other, and cross promoting on new product launches.

If you start to be seen on a list of bonus gifts, a blog comment contributor, and reliable joint venture partner, you soon will have other asking you to help them (most haven't read this course and don't know to offer help first).

Prepare a couple of digital product you can give away, a brief description, head shot and link to a sign up page on your site. Give generously to promotions like the ones at, then use my system to network, follow up and help other partners.

I've used these steps to create a large mailing list, promote clients books to best seller status and become friends with other powerful promoters. I know this strategy will work for you.

Warren Whitlock is a best selling author, publisher and Book Marketing Strategist. His company help authors market books online through social media networks, blogs, online media and book promotion. To attract more readers, sell books and make your book a best seller, sign up for the FREE author marketing course at

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