5 Great Ways to Market Your Company or Product Using CreAction

"CreAction" is a new idea based on the interplay of action and thought that defines the entrepreneurial way of approaching a situation. Not only that, but using CreAction in your personal and business endeavors will drastically increase your chances of achieving success.

The reason for this is simple. CreAction is based on acting rather than thinking. While there are certainly times to think things through and plan strategically, think of it this way. How many times have you sat and thought something through for a long period of time and been afraid to act because in the end, you still weren't 100% sure? Some people spend their entire lives always thinking, afraid of acting.

You can produce a successful marketing campaign without stretching your dollars, but also without being afraid of "what will happen if it doesn't work." Below are some marketing tips that can be implemented immediately and quickly, with little to no money involved, and still get you great traction!

1. If you're not on the social media wagon, get on! Lets not even mention that many companies still don't have a basic website, but if you're not on social media in some way by this time, you are not only at a great disadvantage already, but you are missing out on free marketing, direct to your consumer! However, it's not just as simple as getting on a social media site, and hitting the go button. You have to figure out which site(s) is best for you and dedicate time and resources to building your audience there. Strategic posting, a consistent voice, and interaction with your audience will be a big part of what dictates your success in social media. Don't sign up unless you're ready to commit!

2. Similarly, if you don't have a blog, start one! But again, only if you have the time to commit. Blogs are another great, free way to communicate with your audience and engage them so they come back repeatedly. Content needs to be fresh, tied in with current news and trends, in a voice that resonates with your target audience.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People know the term but don't always know the many ways in which they should use it. Using free tools such as Google Adwords allows you to find and compare keywords to make your website, ads, blog, etc. more searchable -- and better yet, findable. Every page on your site, every blog, everything you can possibly tag, do it. Add metadata, keywords and tags to everything you produce and when writing text, make sure to use those keywords in the written text itself.

4. Assuming you have a website, don't forget about free analysis tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of the placement of ads and other online collateral. These tools are priceless (and paradoxically free), and they can provide you with important information about who is clicking where on your site, what is working with your target consumer and what is not. Best of all, they are easy to learn, so anyone can use them.

5. Another great thing to do with your blog to market your company or your brand is to solicit guest bloggers to gain new customers. Many blogs will partner up or offer/accept guest blogs to other blogs to help build their audience and help with visibility and awareness. This is a great strategy to employ, which generally benefits the writer and the "poster." You get to share your customer bases and gain visibility from each other's established audience.

To learn more about how to act like an entrepreneur, as well as to find out more about how to use this new entrepreneurial formula called CreAction to work for your goals, please go to www.actiontrumpseverything.com for a free copy of the Action Trumps Everything online book.

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