Poor Richard's Top 100 Tips for Doing Business Online

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Peter Kent, publisher of the wonderful Poor Richard's Web Site series, has put together a 31-page e-book full of tips and useful hotlinks from the various books in the series. This is a free download in Adobe PDF format (if you need a copy of Acrobat Reader, which probably came on your computer, visit adobe.com).

I don't agree with all of the Poor Richard authors' advice--for instance, I think the nav bar on the right makes more sense in terms of search engine returns--but most of it is pretty darned good.

Please click here to begin your download. The file will be on your hard drive, wherever your browser puts downloads.

If you need to download a copy of Acrobat Reader, you can find it here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html


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