Turn Your Book Into a Speaking Career

Make the most of what you have already created to publicize your book. Take content from your book, information that you have written, and repackage it as speeches, workshops, seminars...

Speaking engagements, personal appearances, and workshops can help you get exposure and build your following because they put you face-to-face with people who may buy your book. And many authors earn more money giving speeches than they receive from the sales of their books. Speaking can build your following because people who are interested in you or your book frequently want to see who you are and hear what you have to say.

Speaking engagements:

  • Cement your status as an expert or personality.
  • Enable you to meet others with similar interests.
  • The more acknowledged you are as an expert or personality, the more books you can sell and the more it can boost your business.
  • Being an acknowledged expert or personality can expand your network contacts and interest more successful and accomplished individuals in you.

As an acknowledged expert or personality, you will be more attractive to businesses.

Since speaking engagements are often a part of larger events, they provide marvelous networking opportunities, and the media is frequently on hand. As a speaker, you will have celebrity status, so people, including the media, will be eager to meet and spend time with you. Everyone you meet could help your book sales and career.

Develop your speaking career by:

  • Taping your presentations and then reviewing them.
  • Asking your friends and associates for constructive critiques and working to improve your performances.
  • Attending accomplished speakers' presentations, noting their strengths, and adapting those that could work for you.
  • Taking media training.
  • Hiring a professional videographer to record your presentations as you grow more proficient. Professional videographers can capture your performances in the best light, suggest how you can improve your performance, and recommend you to other groups that hire speakers.
  • Assembling a reel that demonstrates the excellence of your performances. Work with your videographer and/or a designer to put the reel together. Then take it to booking agencies or larger, higher-profile organizations that use speakers.
  • Promoting your appearance by contacting the local media.

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