How To Amplify Your Branding With A Signature Story

Superman lay writhing on the valley floor, the energy being drained from his body with every passing minute.

Above Superman, towered the evil face of Lex Luthor.

In Lex's hand, was a rock-a green rock that wasn't from our planet.

The rock would enable Lex to get rid of his arch-nemesis, Superman, once and for all.

Do you know the name of that rock?
Hmmm...did the word 'Kryptonite' come to mind?

How come? I didn't tell you anything about Kryptonite.

Yet, in a matter of seconds, you were able to recall every tiny detail of the Superman saga.

You recalled how Superman came from another planet.
You remembered how he was the man of Steel.
You could almost see the Kryptonite in Lex's menacing hand.

Without realising it, you've run bang, smack into a Signature Story

What's even more amazing, is that no one had to tell you the story twice. The first time you heard the story, you could quite easily remember it, and then relate the story to someone else.

And the more you ran into the Kryptonite legend, the more the story became an essential part of the brand called Superman.

Or in other words, a signature story.

So how do you build a signature story?
Step 1: You first seek out the problem your customer is facing.
Step 2: You seek the object that links to the problem.
Step 3: You create the signature story that can then be used across sales letters, speeches, books and dozens of other applications.

Let's go through the paces of building a signature story, shall we?

As an example, I've taken the concept of the Brain Audit to show you exactly how we built a signature story around the book -- which has now become a system, and formed the basis for the business here at Psychotactics.

Tah, dah, presenting the Brain Audit signature story...

Step 1: What's the problem?
Answer: The problem is, that there are reasons why customers don't buy. That you as a sales or marketing person, may put forth all the reasons, but miss out on just one reason. And though you've made a great case, the customer still backs away at the last minute, and doesn't buy what you're selling.

Step 2: What's the object that links to that problem?
Answer: In the case of the Brain Audit, we picked the object to be the conveyor belt (carousel) at the airport. We talk about how you put on seven red bags when getting onto the flight. And how you want to see seven red bags on arrival. And that even one red bag missing, will stop you from leaving the airport.

Or in other words, even one reason missing from your sales pitch or presentation, will cause your customers to hesitate, want to think about it, and eventually even cause you to lose the sale.

Step 3: How do you create a signature story that can be used across mediums?
Answer: The conveyor belt story is used on the sales page of the Brain Audit, and helps explain a concept quickly and effectively. When I stand up to give a speech or presentation, I use the same conveyor belt story to get the audience's attention.

In the Brain Audit book, the entire story is built around the conveyor belt, and as you read the book, you literally go through the system of 'taking off' the reasons (like red bags). When I teach a copywriting or article-writing course, I use the same conveyor belt system to explain the reasons why customers don't buy.

Even when on radio or TV shows, the signature story is the first thing that pops up, when an interviewer asks what 'Psychotactics' is all about.

In effect, by taking the signature story across mediums, you're able to create a very effective and memorable branding message.

But there's one thing you've got to watch out for when building a signature story.

The big mistake you're likely to make
The signature story shouldn't be something that anyone can latch onto.

It needs to be like your signature.

It needs to be your own.

The Superman story is unique. So is the Brain Audit story.

So once you decide the problem, the object and the way you're going to present your signature story, make sure you dip into your own brain to find a sequence of events that is unique and personal--as far as possible.

Not having a unique signature story is like being exposed to Kryptonite

It weakens your core marketing message, and leaves your branding inconsistent and lifeless.

Get yourself a signature story today.

And put the 'super' back into your branding.
If you haven't done so already: small (That's a clue!)

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