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Know anyone who needs a professional resume? If your friend lives in Western Massachusetts, we offer affordable professional resume writing while you wait. We write resumes for clients from elsewhere, too--but those take longer. A resume makes a great gift for people in career transition or between jobs.

Why Give "Link Love" to a Stranger? Create Your Own Custom Short URLs On Your Own Domain, and Keep all the "Link Juice"! Don't you hate it when you want to Tweet a blog post from your own site, or send it as an e-mail, and the link I so long you have to use a URL shortener that takes your domain name out of the link? With Go Short URL Pro software, you can create short URLs with your own browser, on your own server. Paste the long URL in and copy the short URL. Instead of having an outside party like SnipURL or Tiny URL host it, you'll create URLs with all the power and advantage of those services, but YOU get the benefit. Click here for more info.

If you've been exploring online marketing for any length of time, you've probably run across Ken Evoy's name--because his e-book, Make Your Site Sell, is an absolute classic that has enormous amounts of great advice--would you believe the latest version is over 1000 pages?--and because he practices what he preaches! His site features excellent sales copy as well as lots of testimonials, a free newsletter, an ironclad guarantee...and the very best affiliate support I've ever experienced. No wonder his stuff is all over the Net! .

Click here to explore Ken Evoy's excellent site for marketers--learn how to Make Your Site Sell. In fact, you may want to visit all his info-product sites: Make Your Knowledge Sell (How to create e-books and other info-products) Make Your Pricing Sell (the best thing I've read about setting prices, including the amazing concept of dynamic pricing that changes depending on the market) Make Your Words Sell Make Your Net Auction Sell Site Build It (site creation, traffic building, and hosting system)

Are you growing your business through free national publicity? I am! I've been a source for articles in Women's Day, Entrepreneur, Fortune Small Business, Inc, the Los Angeles Times, and over 80 other media outlets. I find out what reporters are looking for sources for which stories, through a service called ProfNet. Until now, this information was only available to PR people, and only at a very high cost; now entrepreneurs can get the same kind of access, and a lot cheaper than we PR folk can. Click here for the details --or read the article on my site by the service's founder.'s discussion list family is an amazing line of 16 publications. The flagship publication, I-Sales, has been giving me the inside scoop on the online world since 1996. I subscribe to several others as well. John Audette offers both free and paid subscription models; I found the paid version well worth it, because it includes free advertising, a directory lisitng, and several other benefits. (If you want more information first, I did an extensive writeup in the December, 2001 issue of Frugal Marketing Tips.

Marketing Resources from Dr. Ralph Wilson of Wilson Internet Services & Ralph Wilson knows more about Internet commerce than practically anyone else on the planet. I've been reading one of his newsletters since 1995 and I always learn from it: Web Commerce Today newsletter Report on Affiliate Management Software 12 Ways to Give Your Webstore a Sales Boost

SpeakerNet News has been doing excellent telesminars for years. Visit and click on Teleseminars if you're interested in a plethora of information about marketing, speaking professionally, etc. The Compilations section is also worth visiting, and there's no cost for those compiled real-world responses on various topics.

Mark Gebbie has for many years offered one of the most comprehensive and reasonably priced media databases around. If contacting reporters is part of your strategy, check into this: 24,000 listings.

The Secret Is Out! TaxMama's Secrets: How to Start 10 Online Businesses Without One Thin Dime is finally available! Get tried-and-true advice from one of the Internet's most trusted marketers. Click the book cover at left for information and inspiration.

Website Hosting and Domain Registrations at Creo Communico LLC.

SecurityMetrics for PCI Compliance, QSA, IDS, Penetration Testing, Forensics, and Vulnerability Assessment


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